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Summer starts at Wund3rKID!

Summer is off to a hot start at Wund3RKID! We are ever-grateful for our amazing AC system keeping us calm, cool and collected! Our first ever summer camps have been a big hit and so much fun for the kids. And teachers too! Through the various activities, children have had the opportunity to bond with the teachers. They have also bonded with their close friends. Each camp session is filled with new and engaging activities for the tots. Check the calendar now!

The TRAIN TABLE is the latest addition to W3K! It is an especially unique toy because it has encouraged children to play while sharing with their friends. It's incredible to see the children gather around to build track creations together and work as mini-engineers! How very special.

I love it most when I ask children what they are building and they tell me something completely out of the ordinary. That's their imagination hard at work and our team is proud to provide that setting for them. It's also an engaging activities for boys and girls. They can't get enough!

We have been booking many birthday celebrations, especially for 1st birthdays! It's exciting to be able to provide a comfortable and safe space for little babies to celebrate their big milestone! Recently, I looked after my friend's 1 y/o in my own home and it was then I realized how hazardous my home was compared to Wund3rKID! Full of trinkets, glass and tall shelving,

I had to really keep an eye on the busy guy! Back to 1st birthdays, it is a big milestone indeed and I am reminded of this when parents share what a long way they have come with their child since their birth. Each pregnancy and each child is unique. Some children are born with health issues and their needs may differ from others. It's inspiring to hear their stories. I can only imagine how thankful parents must feel when their child is able to overcome their challenges and be well.

Grandparents are incredibly special and important in each of our lives! Summertime means grandparents visiting their grandchildren and I just love watching their interactions when they come to play! It is apparent how much their grandchildren appreciate it too. Their little smiles tell it all! I was lucky to have my grandmother as a big part of my life before she passed away a few years ago. She walked me to school, brought me to the park, told me stories and cooked me the best chicken drumsticks! Grandparents help us to create such memorable and unforgettable moments in our lives. I hope I get to see even more grandparents at Wund3rKID!

Wund3rKID had an opportunity to host a booth at the 7th Annual Summer Scamper Festival on Sunday, 6/25. It was an early start for a Sunday but it was so much fun as 2nd year attendees!

Summer Scamper is a marathon benefiting the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH).

The marathon is for a great cause and holds great meaning to our family. My cousin, Athena was diagnosed with a rare heart disease, Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. She has been treated by phenomenal doctors at LPCH and remains on the heart transplant list for her condition. Recently, she experienced a stroke and was hospitalized for many weeks. She is recovering and mobile. Our family owes much gratitude to the experienced doctors and supportive staff at LPCH! Athena and her brother, Chiron helped me to promote W3K at the festival yesterday! They were my busy bees passing out fliers and chatting with interested families. They happily gave out some W3K stickers too! I was so happy to have them by my side. Wund3rKID is honored to continue hosting a booth at the marathon each year to support such a great foundation. Not to mention being around other fun vendors! There's also activities for kids to learn about safety basics such as crossing the street. We experienced a quick-CPR training experience and got a chance to try samples from Kind Bars and Hint waters! I highly recommend checking out the marathon next year to show support to a local foundation who has helped many families. Thank you LPCH + Summer Scamper!

Hope to see you in for a camp, play or class soon dear friends! Thanks for reading the latest!

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