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What a beautiful weekend! + Retract-A-Gate

Hi all!

Hope you had the best weekend! How gorgeous was the weather?! Plamen and I made it up to Carmel and I was instantly reminded of it's beauty!! I'd love to hear what your family got up to! Here's a review for our beloved gate from Retract-A-Gate. It has grown the popularity of our classes dramatically and we could not be more pleased with it's helpful addition.

Retract-A-Gate has greatly improved our class setting at Wund3rKID! Before we put this magical gate up, we were using curtains to separate the playspace from the classroom. As you can imagine with young children, it was tough to keep them situated for a class! The appeal of the playspace can easily win over a class. With the help of Retract-A-Gate, kids are now either in the class or happily playing in the playspace. The barrier has helped them become accustomed to being a class without being distracted. When ordering a gate, the website is clear on how many gates you will need depending on your space.

Putting a gate up in your typical home environment will only require one gate, however, since the space we have to cover at Wund3rKID was exceptionally wide, we hooked three Retract-A-Gates together to cover the space! Keep in mind, hooking multiple gates together is only for special situations such as non-critical applications like ours, or where only a visual barrier is needed. Hooking multiple gates together has not been certified by Smart Retract (the makers of the Retract-A-Gate) for use with children in critical applications like the top and bottom of stairs.

Everything was easy to understand by the gate descriptions provided on the website. The website also made it clear regarding any additional materials necessary to install the gate in our required space. The packaging of Retract-A-Gate is very slim and convenient. Upon unwrapping the package, we quickly learned the installation process. It was most straight-forward, simple and easy to understand. All you need is a screwdriver and a little bit of muscle. The gates come pre-assembled and it can also be easily installed by one-person. Would you believe it only took me around 5 minutes to install the 3-gates? What an ease!

We ordered the tan-colored gates to match our tile and it blends in great. The gates can also be unhooked to store away when they are not in use. It was such an easy experience and I highly recommend Retract-A-Gate to any family or business looking to create a barrier for children.

Here’s the link to purchase your Retract-A-Gate:

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