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What a week at Wund3rKid! And a gift from Hape Toys...

Phew! We've just made it through one of the busiest weeks to date at Wund3rKid! Along with our regular drop-in and drop-off friends, we also had a full week of exciting classes! Beginning with Yoga for Tots with Teacher Adrienne on Tuesday followed by ArtPlay! with Mindy that afternoon. Teacher Adrienne led the children through the "forest" this week on their Yogi adventure! Mindy had various art stations set-up and the standout one allowed children to use contact paper, gems, tape and paper plates to create a "jellyfish"! So very inspiring and creative. We also had Spanish with Silvia on Weds. morning. She keeps children engaged by pairing felt pieces with each of the books she reads. Then they each get an opportunity to stick the felt characters on the board and this further provides them a chance to feel involved in the story they are reading. The children also learned colors during this class by categorizing furry balls in their very own cup! A child had a full cup of azul-colored balls! On Thursday, we were so happy to have Teacher Chaia back after her travels. Along with an engaging music class, she has also implemented early math skills to the children! She led them through her own book that includes a story of shapes! The children were loving it! Teacher Emily led us through a spectacular musical adventure this Friday morning and never fails to keep us all active and on our feet! It amazes me how she manages to bring out the gross-motor skills in children as young as 16-months! The parachute is always a big hit and even more fun to shake some puppet animals in! The children are very entertained by this. Another highlight of the week was receiving a new toy from Hape.. you'll have to come in yourself for the big reveal next week! We are thrilled for their partnership and happy to announce you will now be able to have Hape toys from our center shipped directly to your front door! I am always pleased to hear numerous inquiries from parents on our toys so I was encouraged to begin new toy partnerships for Wund3rKid! Friends, thanks for reading our latest post and please stay tuned for an End-of-Summer event coming later this month! Your family will have an opportunity to learn more about our center and meet the teachers! Can't wait to see you all soon!

Ps- I have attached some pix from a marvelously decorated 1st birthday party for Avarie last weekend! Such great finds on Etsy and we always love to help you find the goods at Wund3rKID!

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