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Hi all,

I have wanted to incorporate classes at Wund3rKid since the beginning of our opening. As we develop more clients, we have come close to filling classes up! So far, we have offered Music and Spanish and our latest additions include ArtPlay! and Yoga for Tots. Our teachers are so passionate, love what they do and are adored by the children. This is most important to me! Music with Teacher Emily is a sing-a-long fun time and Emily really keeps the kids engaged with new songs weekly. She has also incorporated a parachute with the songs that really gets the kids hooked! I lived for PARACHUTE PLAY as a kid! How about you? Some of my best memories of grade school include going under the big ol' parachute out on the lawn.. sure it was a little warm under there but being around friends made it so cool! Spanish with Teacher Silvia is also a hit! She has a talking toucan that repeats what you say so as you can imagine, the kids are so immediately fascinated! It also helps that she speaks Spanish for the entirety of the class. It;'s amazing to see the children grasp the concept of the class so quickly! ArtPlay! with Teacher Mindy is very cool. She sets up 3 stations so the kids get to rotate around to each spot. One of our members, Olive, definitely enjoys this class the most! We had a red, white and blue theme this week! Can't wait for Yoga with Teacher Adrienne this week! Check it out and join us for a class soon friends!

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