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The start of fall at Wund3rKID

Hi friends!

How are you? Did you all have a fun halloween? We held our first-ever Halloween Costume Parade at Wund3rKID! To say it was a success is an understatement- the children did better than we had anticipated! I was able to convince Plamen to dress up as Aladdin and I attempted to look like Jasmine but I turned out to look more like the Genie, haha! Before we began the trick-or-treating, we stopped into our newly fenced front porch area for a snack break! We served holiday cookies, pastries and juice. It was a hit! I had gone to Whole Foods that morning in hopes of getting fun Halloween-themed cookies but they did not have any. My favorite are the Annie’s brand. Do you know any tips to get your hands on these cookies for the holidays?

After the snack break, our first stop was to our neighbors, Payoneer. Their team was well-prepared, spirited and even dressed-up for the kiddos! The kids were comfortable enough to waltz right into their front office and mingle! It was incredibly cute to watch the kiddos as they raced right up to the big grown-ups passing out the coloring books to them. After our first stop, we rallied them to line-up again to cross the street. They held their caretaker's hands and their buddies too! Afterwards, we headed to our second stop, SyncThink. The kids were happy to get more treats but I was actually a little embarrassed. So here's why: I had gone to each of these companies to prep them with goodies to hand out to the children before Halloween.. I had shorted SyncThink so the guy handing the goodies out, you guessed it, RAN OUT!! Ah!! I tried to pull it off the best I could and move the kids on to our third stop as swiftly as possible. I don't think too many noticed, haha! ;) Luckily, our third stop- Learnika had enough goodies (crayons) to pass out. One of the kids, Elia thought the crayon box was candy! Afterwards, we crossed the street one final time for our last stop, NeoSensory. So you know how I said I did not prep enough goodies for SyncThink?! This was the case at NeoSensory too! Luckily, while Aladdin (aka Plamen) helped to watch the group, I ran back to the home base to grab more goodies just in time! Alas, we were done trick-or-treating and the kids were so excited with all their goodies. We did the best we could to gather in for a group picture. I think it turned out well considering the children were partied out by then! Once we were back in Wund3rKID, the kids were so excited to open their goodies! And the parents were grateful they weren’t given candy for the treats. I did the best I could to prep beforehand because toddlers just don’t need candy!

In other news, birthdays have been booking up incredibly fast at W3K! We had a total of 8 parties between 10/28 and 11/5. Guess it was a popular time for birthdays! We’ve had such fun themes! I helped to coordinate an “Under-the-Sea” theme. It was very girly, full of mermaids and oh so fun! The mix of colors, sparkles and glitter! I also helped to coordinate a harvest themed birthday. It brought a feel of fall to the party room and went well with a mix of pumpkins too! I highly recommend Oriental Trading for reliable and quick shipping. They have great prices too! Weekends are almost completely booked in December for birthdays and January is beginning to book as well. We will update our event pricing in January 2018 so if you have a date in mind to lock down, please call me to book it!

A couple of our new classes include Mini-Gym + Games and Art Class. They have both been a hit! Gym class keeps children active and moving. Combined with songs, stretches and games- the children keep very engaged in the class. I’ve tried to gather the gym mats, materials etc. that work best for the space. One of the finds include a balance beam! The adults and I assist the kids to get across the low 5-foot beam and we also encourage them to put their arms out to the side to help them balance. Fun! It’s awesome to watch the children become comfortable enough to attempt the beam on their own. They may fall down but most have the spirit to get up and try again! Art class with Teacher Lindsey has been wonderful! Lindsey is most creative and thinks of such inventive projects for the kids. A couple of my favorites so far has been paper bag owls and paper plate jelly fish! The children also work with shapes, dough and more fine-motor activities. I appreciate how hands-on and simple the ideas are for parents to easily replicate in their home.Sometimes a mess can scare an adult but I encourage kids to get as messy as possible here at Wund3rKID! That’s the fun of it. If Wund3rKID was actually my home then that’s a completely different story, haha.

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