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SpringTime at W3K

Oh, I know.. I have been away! Wearing many hats as a business owner is just an understatement! It is a much bigger responsibility that that. Between dreaded office work and fun playtime with the kids- what would you choose? I seize any opportunity I can to be out in the playspace. Children impress me each and everyday. Our latest STEAM class had children experimenting with earthworms and a surprise guest, a roly poly! I did not know what their reaction would be to bugs but of course they each loved it so much. Most of the kids touched or even held a worm. This melted my heart and I was beyond proud of each child's courage. Of course, I had the grown-ups completely grossed out!!! Not to worry, this isn't around on the daily and I'd only do it for the kids!

I am thrilled to say in addition to my sweet aunt, Tam... I have found another helper, Maggie! She comes along with her son Jacob. He is just over a year-old with big blue eyes. Sweet guy and Maggie and her son make a sweet little duo. Hope you each get to meet them soon. She has been a great help with the kids who get dropped-off to our center. A service that has become increasingly popular! Have I mentioned how filled our classes have become also? Such fun.

In birthday news, we have been hosting them almost every weekend! It's so cool to see such fun themes get put together and our space being maximized. Guests, especially parents, really enjoy the fact that they can hang out while their child plays in a safe space. The most special one yet was for Ian, our first member. This was his second celebration at Wund3rKID so it was a memorable experience and an important milestone marking our 2nd year in business! They had Whole Foods catering- hard to go wrong with yummy sandwiches + fresh salads. And the best sweets: shark gummies, cookies and delicious banana cream cake! Great way to end a Sunday.

As we head into Spring, I am thinking ahead to THE SUMMER. Easily my favorite season. I plan to collaborate with our current team to come up with fun ideas for a W3K SUMMER CAMP! I'd like to do a mix of our classes within a 2-3 hour session, 3-5 days of the week. We are most open to your ideas so please send them our way! I'm going to end this latest post with some bigger news, the search is back on for a preschool! If you know the story behind W3K, you will also know that another dream of mine is to begin a preschool in the area. Well, the search is officially back on! We have some great prospective spaces in mind so I will keep you all posted! Thanks for reading.

Hugs, Michelle

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