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6 months later...

Hi friends of W3K! It has taken me a while to get around to a blog for our center, Wund3rKid. It has been on my To-Do list for a while now! But between getting the center ready in time for a New Year's Day opening, curating toys and tweaking our website to perfection... it was a difficult task! Anyway, it has been a progressive 6 months for Wund3rKid. Plamen and I have welcomed over 200 new families to the center and thrown numerous birthday parties. The most special one being for our dear friend's baby, Maksim's 1st birthday! It was a grand celebration indeed.

Each day at W3K has been better than the last... greeting new children to the center is incredible and seeing familiar faces each day is even better! It pleases me to watch a child marvel over a new toy or return to their favorite toy. I also love when parents are thrilled with our center! It's great to have families native to Palo Alto and locals come to the center and even more special when families from afar make the trek to come play! Very cool to meet families who are just visiting too! Diversity rocks! Providing the opportunity for children to become exposed to various cultures too is most valued to me. We all learn from one another at an early age!

It makes me feel good that we are doing a good thing for the community. Bringing back good ol' hands-on play to Palo Alto!

Here are some of the best moments from the past 6 months:

Just the beginning of the beloved Ferris Wheel

Some of the 1st Wund3rKids!

Pt. 1 of BIG patio restoration project


The crew (from L to R): Hai, Rosie, Ilian, Michelle, Plamen and Con

Could not have done it without them!

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