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Chaia has been trained in Baby Suzuki, Orff Shulwerk, Early Childhood and Special Needs Education and achieved an MA in Children's TV production from Stanford.
She has been a teacher for Music Together, Community School of Music and Arts and has been running her own music studio and camps for children for the last 12 years.
Chaia presently teaches at a variety of Day Cares and Pre-schools. In addition, she is writing pre-kindergarten curriculum in the areas of Math, Music and Tenacity as applied to piano practice.
Chaia is a national lecturer on Sensory Integration, has written 12 books on Early Childhhood Education, produced multiple DVD's, CDs and is the mother of two beautiful girls 22 and 25.

  Teacher Chaia

Imagine It: Music and Math for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers with Chaia May


Performer, graduate from the Children's Television Research program at Stanford and author Chaia May will share her love of teaching music and math theory where children actively learn through her engaging stories, songs and games.

Developed as a series of interactive storytelling-based math education program, Chaia and the children will read and play with the colorful hands-on, interactive books she has developed. She will also teach children how to recognize notes at a young age and work them into classical and popular motifs.

Designed for ages 1-5.

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