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Teacher Chris

Rock + Rhyme

Chris has over twenty five years of experience studying and performing music.  She studied piano at the University of Pittsburgh and completed a Specialist Certificate in Keyboard Styles through Berklee College of Music Extension Program.  Chris also has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pittsburgh where she taught in the Children’s Literature program.  She has designed and performed musical presentations for children in preschools and play spaces in the Bay Area.  She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and lively young son Jack.   

Class Description:

Come rock and rhyme with Chris!  This high-energy class introduces children to foundational concepts in music through memorable songs, chants, and musical nursery rhymes.  Participating in a variety of movement activities as well as instrumental play will help little ones develop essential musical capacities such as rhythm and timing (as they have a blast doing it!).  The incorporation of classic nursery rhymes into this musical setting will additionally promote children’s development of early literacy skills like phonetic recognition and vocabulary.  Most of all, children will interact with their peers and caretakers as they embark together on a fun musical adventure.  Designed for ages 1-5.                 

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