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                                Wund3R ART (Teacher Donna)

Get creative in Teacher Donna’s art class! Your young artist will engage in open-ended, creative art experiences that promote early literacy, numeracy, and motor skills, as well as imagination and collaboration. In every class there will be stations with different art mediums and sensory activities for your artist to explore at their own pace. Artists will receive guidance on ways to utilize the varied art supplies, and they are encouraged to make each project their own. Many of the projects will be process-based, where the process of creating, instead of the end product, is emphasized.

Designed for ages 1-5.

About Donna: Donna’s lifelong interest in working with children led her to study child development and education at Brown University and to obtain her Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University. She volunteered at local preschools and youth organizations from a young age and now has years of teaching experience in an elementary school setting.  As a teacher, she is passionate about integrating the arts into the curriculum, as she saw an increase in academic performance when her students received a robust arts education. She is currently taking time out of the classroom to focus on her preschool-aged daughter, Julia.

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