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Q: Is drop-in play offered 9:30-5:30PM during the weekdays?

A: Yes.

Q: Is W3K a preschool?

A: While we are not a preschool, we do offer a variety of classes and drop-off supervised play in a safe environment. Children who come to W3K also obtain a valuable learning experience from interactions and stimulating play. 


Q: Is a drop-off service available?

A: Yes, drop-off supervised play is available for children. 

Q: Can I bring my work to do while my child plays?

A: Yes, we encourage you to bring your work or relax while your child plays and remains in eyeshot of you! We boast a comfortable environment for work.

Q: Is the playspace available during classes?

A: Yes, the playspace remains open during each class offered at Wund3RKID.

Q: Does Wund3rKID require a waiver to be filled out by the child's parent or guardian?

A: The initial waiver for each family's first visit may be filled out by a parent or guardian.

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