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Teacher Megha

About ME: I recently completed my PhD in biology at Stanford University, where I study human thermoregulation and exercise physiology. I am also devoted to the study of music, language, and cultures from around the world. My mission is to help people stay fit and healthy by bringing rhythm and movement into their everyday lives. I teach capoeira for kids and adults around the Peninsula, and perform as a musician in a couple local groups. 

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that playfully incorporates music, dance, and acrobatics. It is a multi-modal physical activity which promotes the development of strength, aerobic fitness, musical skills, and flexibility. It is also a wonderful outlet for creativity, as students use improvised movements during play. Each 45-min. capoeira class will begin with fun warm-ups, simple stretching exercises, and guided instruction on the movements of capoeira with accompanying music. Special songs used in capoeira will also be taught, in English and Portuguese. Students will also learn to play rhythms on hand drums.

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