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About Us






First of all, thanks for visiting our center. I am thrilled to be able to open my first facility, Wund3rKid. It is a dream come true. 


I have had the opportunity to work as a nanny in the community for 10 years, I have learned so much through play and daily interactions with children. Furthermore, I have been able to acknowledge their wants and needs. And they are simple. They just want to have fun! This most rewarding job left me with the inspiration to open Wund3rKid. 


After obtaining a B.A. in Child Development at SJSU, I was able to learn more about the importance of social, cognitive, emotional and physical development. All these domains must be supported from a young age in order for a child to thrive in life. I have obtained much knowledge from the field that will aid me in directing Wund3rKid to it's full potential.


Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve your family. 

Michelle Doan
Director & Co-Founder

Wund3rKid is a parent and child development & enrichment studio for children of 9-months to 5 years-old. At our uniquely curated indoor playspace filled with colorful toys from around the world, children are able to develop fine & gross-motor skills and enhance their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We also focus on engaging children with peers for social interactions. Additionally, we encourage parents and guardians to interact with their children for the ultimate play-experience at our indoor playspace.


Our classes are shaped around both parents and children's needs. They are individualized, fun and engaging. Our focus is to be less commercialized and more personal with families and children. The connection and bond that is formed through play is most important to us. 


The wood toys we have for play are eco-friendly and sustainable. They also provide for an engaging and organic experience for children and families. And they are durable!

Plamen Marinov


I am excited to finally be able to call a business our own with the official opening of Wund3rKid.


During my attendance at SJSU to achieve my B.A. in Business Management, I have also had the priviledge to work with great leaders and mentors over the last decade. This has enabled me to learn the methods behind running a successful business first-hand. The most important aspect I have grasped in order to make a difference and maximize the full potential and growth of a business, you must focus on your clients instead of profits. This ensures the clients are pleased and the overall community is happy. At Wund3rKid, we strive to make sure that each and every child leaves with a huge smile on their face and is eager to come back.


Thank you for taking the time learn more about us, We are eager to meet your family and give you the best day of your life at Wund3rKid.

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